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What is the I Buy Local Project?

Here at Highland design, we have been wracking our brains about how we can help our community. What can we do to help our fellow local businesses? What can we do to help our business and keep our business community going strong?

Highland design has worked with small businesses, non-profits, bars and restaurants in the area, in one way or another. At this point we all know these small, family-owned businesses are going to be hit hardest. These establishments are there for us so let’s take an opportunity to be there for them, and for your neighbors that work for them.

These shirts are basic, but unique, especially for those places that you normally never have the opportunity to buy a branded shirt from! The shirt is sport grey with a custom ink print. Each shirt is labeled with the I Buy Local Project, Support Knox Businesses logo. You'll be able to see other members on the street after this and know you both worked together to help your neighbors survive these trying times. In fact, we’d like to encourage you to take a picture in your shirt and post to Instagram, Facebook or other social media to promote local business using the project hash tag. #IBuyLocalProject

We are going to run this on-line store continuously and print as often as necessary. We have made the artwork and shirt options simple to maximize the money generated. Here is the transparent math: each shirt costs $20, $10 will go directly to the business or non-profit you purchased your shirt from to help them support their staff. $10 will go to our team at Highland design to cover materials, labor and processing fees from the store. Shirts will be shipped only.

If you have a business that would like to be included in the I Buy Local Tee Project, Please email Terri –, and we will get you involved as well. We would like to make it clear that this Project is not for fundraising of organizations, but for relief efforts of businesses and organizations that are being effected by the shutdowns.

**** This is a pre-sale, so the shirts will be produced as necessary. You will be notified at the email you provide when your order is being shipped. Please be patient, as it will take at least few weeks to get orders completed. ****

All sales are final! For sizing questions please email Terri at PRIOR to ordering. These shirts are retail fit 90% cotton and 10% polyester.

Thank you from Josh, Walt and Terri. And a huge THANK YOU to you from every business you are able to support through the I Buy Local Tee Project.